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  1. EELKE KLEIJN makes is Manchester Debut at #upcloseandpersonalmcr
    15 Nov, 2017
    EELKE KLEIJN makes is Manchester Debut at #upcloseandpersonalmcr
    https://www.facebook.com/dominic.vacher/media_set?set=a.10156708326323056.1073741919.547288055&type=3 wow what can I say but just an amazing 6 hour set from Eelke Kleijn at #upcloseandpersonalmcr
  2. Upcloseandpersonalmcr resident DJ Luke Warren
    23 Oct, 2017
    Upcloseandpersonalmcr resident DJ Luke Warren
    UPCLOSEANDPERSONALMCR RESIDENT DJ LUKE WARREN  Biography Luke Warren is a deep progressive house, melodic techno and electronica DJ based in the UK. You can genuinely understand how Luke Warren feels about music when you hear his sets. An emotional journey from start to finish, his sets immediately draw you in and keep you flowing until the end.  A forward thinking, deep melodic sound, Luke's influences from the golden age of progressive can be heard within his DJ sets while still always
  3. Upcloseandpersonalmcr Quivver
    14 Oct, 2017
    Upcloseandpersonalmcr Quivver
    upcloseandpersonalmcr Quivver The amazing John Graham a.k.a Quivver played to a packed out upcloseandpersonalmcr with a queue forming to get in. The place was rammed with Quivver fans and new ones too who just thought the whole night was sick
  4. Saytek Live
    29 Sep, 2016
    Saytek Live
    Saytek live Joseph Keevil a.k.a Saytek Live showed us his Skills with all his gadgets and created a night of some amazing tunes